Introduction to Turkey

Basic information

  • Regional division: 81 province
  • Capital: Ankara (Turkey’s political center, the second largest city)
  • Population: 80.745 million
  • Land area: 783600 square kilometers
  • Currency: New Turkish Lira
  • Language: Turkish
  • Religion: Islam
  • Time difference: East third district time, slower then China’s
  • The first largest city: Istanbul
  • The third largest city: Izmir
  • The fourth largest city: Antalya

Traffic Situation

Turkey’s transportation industry is very developed. There are more than 100 airports in the country, including 6 international airports. More than 110 countries or regions can fly directly from capital city Istanbul, which is very convenient for international travel. Shipping, railways and roads are also in all directions., which can be called the world center.

Advantages of attracting foreign investment

1. Unique geographical location and diverse culture: Turkey is located in the southwest of Asia and southeast of Europe, across Eurasia, adjacent to eight countries;

2. Rich natural resources: more than one third of Turkey’s land is used for agriculture. Cotton, land, fruits, vegetables, nuts, domestic animals products are important sources of export revenue for Turkey. Turkey is the only central and eastern country with large coal reserves excepts Iran, and it also has considerable reserves in metal minerals and oil and gas;

3. Grand infrastructure development plan: Turkey has set up a grand infrastructure development plan. The Turkish government invests tens of billions of dollars every year in the modernization of its infrastructure;

4. Perfect and effective banking regulatory environment: Turkey’s financial and banking regulatory competitiveness is far ahead of its European comparable countries. A perfect and effective regulatory environment is conductive to maintaining the confidence, stability and competitiveness of the financial market and protecting the rights and interests of investors;

5. A steadily growing macroeconomic environment: Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world, with a GDP of more than $ trillion in 2017;

6. Establishment of special investment areas: Turkey has three types of special investment areas: technology development area, mature industrial park and free trade area, which support different economic industries and are the pillar of attracting foreign investment in Turkey.

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