The legal requirements for applicants:

  • The applicant has to reach the age of 18
  • Purchase minimum value of $250,000 Turkish property (can be re-sell after three years)
  • Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 18 can apply with them

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Immigration by investment guide

Handle all hardware locally

Get local mobile card, apply for tax number, handle notarization and open bank account

Check the project, house selection and reservation

Sign the contract for house reservation and purchase , and pay for the house price

Sign a lawyer’s power of attorney

Meet with immigration lawyers and answer relevant legal questions

Handle the transfer ownership of property

After obtaining the title certificate, the lawyer obtains the obtains the investment certificate

Apply for temporary residence permit

Lawyer begins to apply for temporary residence permits for applicants

Submit immigration materials

Lawyer formally submits all immigration materials, and customers wait for fingerprints to be taken by the police


Choose the best real estate

Introduction to Legal Department

The lawyer team of Estate Target real estate investment immigration Co., Ltd. is committed to the Turkish investment immigration project, and has handled more than 70 Turkish passports for customers from all over the world.

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Lawyer Çağrı

Graduated from Istanbul University Law School, Bachelor’s degree and Master degree’s of Social Sciences.
Mr. Çağrı provides advice for foreigners to invest in real estate in Turkey, and provides services for clients to apply for and extract residence permits and work permits.
Foreign and refugee law, foreign real estate purchase law in Turkey, property ownership law, consumer law, inheritance law, labor and social security law for consultation, litigation and dispute resolution.

Lawyer Çağrı
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Lawyer Emin

Graduated from Maltepe University in istanbul. He is a registered lawyer of Istanbul lawyer’s association, specializing in immigration law, property law, inheritance law and commercial law related cases, and handling the application procedures for Turkish citizens for investments clients in various countries.

Lawyer Emin
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Lawyer Furkan

Graduated from the Law School of Istanbul University. Both in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
So far, Mr. Furkan has successfully established Turkish international identity for hundreds of customers (including customers from China, Pakistan, France, Kenya, India, Jordan, Libya, Iraq, and Iran). More than half of them are Chinese customers and have made positive achievements in citizenship application. In addition to providing citizenship and immigration services. They also provide consultation on different legal issues for local and foreign customers and provide legal protection for their investment in Turkey.

Lawyer Furkan

Specific steps on the migration process

(Because the customer's personal privacy information is protected, it should not be disclosed here)

Frequently Asked Questions

On February 11, 2010, Turkey introduced the “Naturalization law” [Article 12, No.5901], which grants Turkish resident status, citizenship and passport to foreigners who purchase properties of more than $1million in Turkey.

On September 19, 2018, the investment amount was revised from $1million in the previous investment property to $250,000, and the bank deposit of $3 million to $500,000.

The Turkish government will not publish and passport applicant information in any form. At present, passport applicants come from dozens of countries around the world, not only for Chinese applicants. The protection of citizens’ information is the commitment of the government and the requirement of the law.

The passport is valid for 10 years, regardless of adults and children.

The materials are very simple, need some personal documents of customers, such as Id card, marriage certificate, permanent-residence booklet and other basic materials.

Yes, if the principal applicant, or the spouse of the principal applicant, the children under 18 years old born from the previous marriage may apply together. Of course, the consent of their own parents must be obtained.

Yes, you can vote, and you can use any other rights like other Turkish citizens.

The application period is about 3-6 months, depending on the number of applications received by the government.

A crime free certificate is not required when applying for a passport.

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