Why Choose Us

Estate Target real estate investment immigration Co., Ltd. is a local real estate investment and immigration company in Turkey. It has cooperated with more than ten powerful real estate development companies for a long time to select dozens of real estate projects with real prices and high quality, and with great investment values all over Istanbul.

Our Strengths

  • Professional one-to-one lawyer team service
  • Professional immigration planner
  • Professional financial experts
  • Professional reception service
  • Accompanied by professional Chinese - English - Arabic - translator
  • Professional privacy and confidentiality handling (from document destruction to delivery, contact customers will take the highest level of confidentiality measures)
  • Professional house experts

Target Co., Ltd. is the first immigration agency established in the Middle East (founded in 1990). In the past 30 years, it has only done one thing, that is, immigration. It has successfully handled numerous immigration cases, making numerous of middle east investors easily hold the second identity.

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